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Electronic, Hip Hop

Sounds like

flume, chet faker, hermitude, the xx

band members

Vincent LaDuce - everything


j dilla, duke ellington, mr oizo


Vinnie LaDuce presents
J’aime to Please:
a duet featuring Merryn Jeann
VL and MJ are not lovers. Merryn thinks one of Vinnie's best friends is devastatingly hot and Vinnie has eyes for a girl in a different circle of friends. MJ has however made this girl's acquaintance and thinks Vinnie should pursue her wholeheartedly.
VL and MJ made some songs for lovers, ex lovers and future lovers.
The Maps Duets (EP set for release in late 2016) came from a couple of late night, gin fueled recording sessions in Byron Bay, Australia shortly after VL and MJ became close friends and confidants. They tell tales of lust, regret, broken hearts and bent promises, and flickering embers of raging love.
And like a true Shakespearean tragedy the two are currently separated by the tyranny of distance. MJ is performing in Paris, walking new streets and tasting new love and VL in Byron Bay writing unfinished letters to unnamed flames. They plan to be reunited in a short time for there are more tales to tell from the unfolding of another Maps Duets.