Artist info


Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Refused, Dance Hall Crashers

band members

Mixie - Vocals, Bron - Bass, Sooz - Drums, Cassie - Guitar.


Unpaid Debt, Tsunami Bomb, Frente


Since their formation in 2003, Violent Minx have slammed audiences up and down the east coast with their distinctive brand of punk rock. Never afraid to mix it up, The minx is the embodiment of the New York riot girl movement in Australia. With the essence of NY Hardcore, front girl Mixie unleashes her mighty voice at unsuspecting punters. Spine jarring drumbeats from Sooz and skull rattling bass lines by Bron compliment the walls of guitars and four part harmonies that assault the ever growing legions of Minx fans across Sydney. "This band is proof that more women should form rock bands", states Sydney street press Drum Media. And audiences couldnt agree more. After impressing both punters and peers in their formative years, The Minx have scored supports with acts such as Magic Dirt, Kisschasy, Unpaid Debt and Meader. Whilst many reviewers have mentioned how good this band looks on stage, EVERY reviewer has stated how amazing they sound. They may be sexy, but Sydneys Violent Minx arent about being scene, theyre about being heard. Look out for the all girl, all punk, all out extravaganza that is Violent Minx, coming soon to destroy a stage near you.