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Pop, Rock

Sounds like

The Violet Ivy's

band members

Cat Sanzaro - Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar, Connor Black Harry - Lead guitar/ Harmonies, Jypsie-Flynn Hoult - Bass/ Harmonies


Fleetwood Mac, The Corrs, Kimbra


The Violet Ivy's are a young Melbourne Based Band. Their lead Singer/songwriter and rhythm guitarist, Cat Sanzaro, originally from Geelong and the Ocean Grove area has often been referred to in the press as ‘the little girl with a big voice'. The Violet Ivy's recently recorded with a US grammy award winning producer Scott Mathews (well known for The Beach Boys and many other famous artists). Cats two new songs 'is Anyone There' and 'One Day' are the most recent works. History: In 2010, Cat originally formed a duo with her step sister,Jypsie-Flynn Hoult (bass guitar/harmonies) making a sweet harmonic duo and played with various other musical artists for certain gigs. In early 2011, Connor Black Harry began playing as Cat's lead guitarist adding a third harmony to the group when required. Late 2011, Cat won the Queenscliff Music Festival scholarship which has enabled her to fund the recording of The Violet Ivy's EP. The Violet Ivy's can alter their Ivy members to cater for individual bookings e.g. Cat plays solo, duo, trio, four piece, five piece or six piece. Cat has supported popular artists such as Mark Seymour (Hunter’s & Collectors) Jon Stevens (Noiseworks) and has been top billing for the Queenscliff Music Festival and has performed at QMF for the past 3 years. In the past, People in the music industry have often referred to the Violet Ivy's as being a cross between Fleetwood Mac , The Corrs and The Cranberries, we'll let you decide. like them on Facebook: