Artist info


Indie, Metal, Rock

band members

Sarah Curran, Neil Johnson, Jarrod Mazzacca, Mate Teariki


Nirvana, System Of a Down, Silverchair, Korn, Incubus

Unearthed artists we like

Tired Lion, The Dead Love



Starting out in mid-2015 during their hasty teenage years, The Violet Stones were unintentionally created from the result of various high school performances under the name ‘Amethyst’. In late 2016, they decided to make the band official and in doing so, added bass player Neil Johnson to the lineup.

In 2017 they started playing shows around Sydney and in Sep 2017, The Violet Stones played the Tattered N Torn festival in Ulladulla as well as playing two small festivals (The Wrong End of The Valley & UBERfest) up in Brisbane.

They released their debut single 'Intensify' March 2019 and they plan to release their first album in late 2019.