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Indie, Roots

Sounds like

Joanna Newsom, Conor Oberst, Jess Locke, Gareth Liddiard , Bigstrongbrute

band members

Lindsay Roser - harp/ guitar/ singing Nathan Kearney - guitar/ harmonies


Marcel Proust, Tchaikovsky

Unearthed artists we like

Jess Locke


Virginia Sook explore notions of femininity, birth and humankind’s relationship with nature through ethereal folk songs. They’re bouyed by songwriter Lindsay Roser’s unique harp playing and raspy voice, along with an ever-changing cast of musicians which currently features Nathan Kearney from Gonzovillain and folk singer, Ran Jacobs.
Their latest release is a split cassette with the UK’s Lake Michigan and features two new songs from the band. It was released on August 1st through Ruined Smile Records in Australia and Wolf Town DIY in the UK.
It serves as a teaser, alongside previous single “Soil, Seeds, Bellies”, to their upcoming 2nd album which will be released early 2016.
The band began as an outlet for Lindsay’s songwriting whilst she was playing bass in now-defunct local hardcore group, El Alamein. In their first year of existence, they played many local punk shows as a 3 piece with Lindsay on Guitar and vocals and Ran Jacobs and Amy Costello singing harmonies.
The discovery of a toy harp in 2013 prompted Lindsay to start writing a new batch of songs and to take in new elements like guitarist/organ player Nathan Kearney and drummer Jade Channells. The sound has evolved since then to encompass a wider soundscape while staying true to Linday’s close-to-home songwriting style.


God and Science

Virginia Sook

Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

18 Dec 2015

Triple J

This is real intriguing stuff.

This is real intriguing stuff.