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Rory Gallagher, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Cold Chisel

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Gunslingers, Lieutenant Jam, The Ivory Elephant



Hailing from the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Vision Street are a classic, blues infused rock group.

The lads have been rolling around the pub scene for a couple of years, and have echoed through many notable Melbourne venues including: Cherry Bar, The Tote, Revolver, The Evelyn, The John Curtin Hotel and The B.east.
They have also completed several regional tours around Victoria and have recently recorded their debut self-titled EP set for release in May.

Inspired by the likes of the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan and Rory Gallagher, the boys create a sultry old school sound that they deliver with a natural ease.
With prominent vocals, a couple of lead-driven earthy guitars and a thumping rhythm section, this band are creating a raw sound that is reminiscent of the hard working Australian pub rock scene of days gone by, whilst remaining current through their energized stage presence and topical lyrical content.
A band dedicated to their craft; it's not hard to see that this group live and breathe the music that they play.

Keep your bullshit. You can have it, because Vision Street are here.