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Sounds like

Architects, Cancer Bats, everytime i die

band members

Lucas Bourne- Vocals Keith Dadson - Guitar Sam Tonkin - Guitar Robby Heart - Bass Tyse Megaw - Drums


Want brutal, grimy, obscene riffs slimier than a Japanese business executive?! Like your vocals coarse, unrelenting and punchy like a fist to the skull?! Adelaide's VISIONS have you covered. Featuring ex-members of The Idols, On The Day Of My Disaster, Destroy Rebuild and Machete, VISIONS ooze with the confidence and class of seasoned rock/hardcore professionals. After turning heads locally with their debut recordings, VISIONS are taking no prisoners in their one way road to a national and international take-over. You heard it here first, so shot some whiskey, unbutton your best flannelette shirt and get on VISIONS.