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Sounds like

Killswitch Engage, Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium

band members

Mike Delaney - Drums Luke Thompson - Bass/Vocals Aaron Dixey - Guitar Alex 'Dizzy' Cadiz - Guitar Christen 'Crispy' Stowe - Vocals


Parkway Drive, Polaris, A Day To Remember



Void Matter is a five piece band from Brisbane. Formed in 2018, they fuse melody with raw energy, and draw influence from many spheres of heavy music, creating their own brand of metal. Drawing inspiration from bands like Parkway Drive and Polaris, Void Matter strives to fuse soaring melodies with punishing rhythm.

Released in 2018 with their debut single, Triggered is the bands first explosive step into the metal community with thick riffs and punishing breakdowns, but perfectly balanced with a clean chorus. This was quickly followed up with the Running Blind EP on the first day of 2019, exploring many facets of metal music. The Running Blind EP is introduced with the title track Running Blind, a fan favourite with balanced heavy rhythm and smooth melody. The EP also includes the brutal heavy with Blunt Force Trauma, to stadium metal inspired Taken Away.

And now Void Matter have knuckled down in their home studio to self-produce 6 new tracks forming the new EP - Everything & Nothing. Recorded during the pandemic, Void refused to let the gutter fire that was 2020 slow them down despite multiple shows, festivals, and tours being cancelled.

Each song shows a different side to the boys' instrumentation and lyricism, and they could not be more proud to present their sophomore EP - Everything & Nothing - available now on all major streaming services.



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