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Bright Eyes, Rufus Wainwright, Tom Waits

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Vorn Doolette


Paul Kelly, Ryan Adams, The Waifs, Joni Mitchell, Gillian Welch


NEW ALBUM The new album (The Further Adventures of Vorn Doolette-Aug 2012) is some of the following things: Raw, Dry, Angry, Heavy, Violent, Sexy, Profane, Modern, Lo Fi, Honest, Sad, Intimate, Erotic. This ain't your grannies folk album. Unless of course your grannie is a suicidal transvestite with a pill addiction.... In 2009 Dom Alessio used 'Barebones Asthetic' to describe Vorn's music. That feeling comes through stronger than ever with this new offering. Most songs are left untouched by additional instrumentation. Only the delicate guitar sounds while the simple and precise lyrics intricately take their place. MOST RECENTLY On August 2012 Vorn set out on a second national house concert tour performing to fans around the country right in their own lounge rooms. Utterly raw and energised with personal connection, these shows are without amplification. Audiences sit as close to the performer as possible, gaining an intense insight into the songs through subtlety and intimacy. WHO IS VORN DOOLETTE??? Vorn Doolette has earned himself a reputation as a young songwriter of depth, creativity and maturity beyond his years. Several people have said so. Important people. People who matter. Good looking people who have lives of whimsy, vigour and purity that unfortunate people like you could never understand. People like Dom Alessio from Triple J, and also this guy from Rolling Stone: 'Storytelling is an age-old craft, and one in which Vorn Doolette seems pretty well-versed...This troubadour stands at the forefront of a new wave of Australian folk with a mature approach to songwriting [and] a voice to rival the sorrowful crooning of Rufus Wainwright and Bonny 'Prince' Billy' Rolling Stone, Aug 09 I'll be completely frank with you...Vorn Doolette is better than sex on the moon. His 2009 album is a wonderfully sorrowful collection of well crafted song writing. Decadent, dark and delivered with heartfelt emotion, it feels quite real and honest. Keys, cello, violin, double bass help the songs hit the g spot and potentially send the listener into orgasmic musical spasms. p.s. Vorn's voice sounds like chocolate. VORN HAS DONE THE FOLLOWING EXCITING THINGS!: Opened for: Paul Kelly, Kaki King, Imogen Heap, Kate Miller Heidke, Lior, Nicky Bomba, Mike Noga (The Drones), Mihi Rangi, Jeff Martin, Hawksley Workman, Mama Kin Festivals: Woodford 2010/2006, The National 2005/2006/2010, WOMAD 2010, Blue Mountains Music Festival 2006, Queenscliff Festival 2007 Accolades: Triple J Top Song Competition 2008, No 1 on Unearthed 2008, Unearthed feature artist 2008, Vocal Excellence Award National Folk Fest 2005