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Sounds like

Iron Maiden, Metallica, Symphony X

band members

Wayne Dwyer - Lead Vocals & Guitars, George Larin - Guitar & Vocals, Evan Harris - Bass & Vocals, Chris Phillips - Drums & Vocals


Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Black Sabbath


Vulvagun is a band formed by vocalist/guitarist Wayne Dwyer, known for his work in Melbourne metal bands like Sea Wolf, Captain Trips and Wizard Sleeve to name a few. He is joined by Chris Phillips, Evan Harris and George Larin, who are some of the most repected players in the Australian metal scene. Together they have created an album in "Cold Moon Over Babylon" that is one of the most anticipated debuts in years. The album itself comprises of 12 tracks of blistering metal crossing a landscape of history, mystery and bloodshed and is destined to become a classic.