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Hip Hop

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Xandepic, Blunt paper Massive, Bastian Killjoy, Seeka, SAKI, Social Commontree

band members

Vytal One, Dj KiDream


Rage Against The Machine, Immortal Technique, Cypress Hill, Lyrical Commission

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Aztek mc , THORTS , SAKI , Blunt Paper Massive , Seeka , Xandepic



VYTAL ONE Rising from the underground is the Australian Hip Hop artist representing Hoodrapz and Xandepic. Affiliate labels, Wordsmiths and Turnstyle Records. Thought provoking, hard working performer, songwriter, and label owner. Has been recording since 1999, and playing live since 2003. His music always has a message, and the latest album "Solitary Man" is no exception, raw underground Hip Hop at it's finest, with stories of success and struggle. Hailing from Melboure via Adelaide Vytal is best known for his involvement with Hoodrapz, an independent Hip Hop record label. The company was founded by his sister 2008. Hoodrapz specialise in event management, promotion, and music releases. Collaborative projects including currently recording, rehearsing and performing as the front man for six piece Hip Hop, Drum and Bass, Jazz fusion group called Xandepic. They also feature amazingly talented singer Alana J.
Co-founded alongside close friend Bastian Killjoy are political crew Social Commontree, featuring notable solo artist Seeka, who relocated to Melbourne from Cairns in Tropical North Queensland. The other members are representing Wordsmiths Records, Bastian Killjoy and Emjay. All lyricists in the group speak powerful messages, over a vast array of interesting production from local and international producers. Vytal's rapid fire lyrical style and tight delivery is gritty, honest and uncompromising. Utelising a fast paced flow or can easily adapt to a slower beat. His words are deep, truthful and caluculated. Vytal One always comes to the stage with a well polished performance to get the crowd hype. First started rhyming in 1998 inspired by artists such as Krs One, Gangstarr, Cypress Hill, Rage Against The Machine, amongst an impressive long list of names. He then found the passion for Hip Hop culture through Graffiti, music and song writing. First began making tracks in 1999 with underground group "Unwanted Visitors". It all started out freestyling at parties and later a few battles and shows around Adelaide. The first notable live set was alongside fellow Hoodrapz artist Az-Tek Mc, supporting international artists Paris and J-Live. Relocating to Melbourne in 2006, Vytal continued the musical journey as his career rapidly excelled, recording and performing regularly on the thriving Hip Hop scene. The first release "Fallen Angel From Heavens Prison" was released independently in 2008 after the passing of his Brother. The album includes the track dedicated to him, explaining the deep emotions after losing a close family member. The single also features on Hoodrapz Volume 1 Cd. Vytal One continued on collaborating with various musicians, producers and artists, later joining the Hip Hop, Funk, Soul band "Blunt Paper Massive". The six piece also featured Reggae and Blues singer Quashani Bahd and Emcee Muma Doesa from Hip Sista Hop radio. Their debut Ep "Self Fulfilling Prophecy" was released in 2011 at Melbourne's iconic Esplanade Hotel venue. The band played relentlessly until 2013 including shows at Moomba Festival, Brunswick Music Festival, St. Kilda Festival Etc. Hoodrapz events have been held across two states and are continuing on to the 15th episode and second mixtape. Vytal has also mentored at youth workshops for Melbourne based youth events program "The Push" . Displaying open mic events, teaching and busking alongside B-Boys, B-Girls, Dancers, and beatboxers. Currently working on new albums, mixtapes, shows and international and local collaborations. Watch out for this wordsmith, speaking out against racism and social injustice, with a thirst for truth and a ferocious live show. Solitary Man available now. DISCOGRAPHY: 2001 - REDPHASE DEMO - UNWANTED VISITORS KREW 2007 - FALLEN ANGEL FROM HEAVENS PRISON 2009 - HOODRAPZ VOL. 1 2010 - AZ-TEK MC - REFLECTIONS OF REALITY 2011 - BLUNT PAPER MASSIVE - SELF FULFILLING PROPHECY 2012 - GHC (GLOBAL HIPHOP COLLECTIVE) 30/30 MIXTAPE 2013 - HOODRAPZ VOL. 2 2013 - SOLITARY MAN 2013 - FEATURES ON THE MELBOURNE HIP HOP ERA DOCUMENTARY. 2013 - MUMA DOESA - MS FORTUNE NEW ALBUM, MANIFEST DESTINY OUT SOON! 15 YEARS IN THE GAME.




Reviewed by Dom Alessio Dom Alessio

06 Sep 2013

Triple J

Quality hip hop ...

Quality hip hop tune this one. It's got a great groove to it.

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26 Mar 2014


Of the hook bro!...

Of the hook bro! Big things for Vytal One this year. MADD recording too

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Alana J.

20 Jan 2014


Favourite track ...

Favourite track at the moment. Well done on the beat Psub. Very dub/glitchy. I love the drum kit used. The MCs are great.

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