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Indie, Pop, Rock

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Grant Rutups


Prince, Marvin Gaye, Pearl Jam, Kanye West



Tranquility is becoming harder to find, for Want of Peace.

Hailing from the illusory quiet of Canberra, Want of Peace now brings his soulful art-rock palette to the big smoke of Sydney, illustrating precious moments of intimacy in the sprawling city with his new release, Earthling+.

Earthling+ sometimes approaches the unexpected, exploring a space where muffled soundscapes can coexist with jagged, Hendrix-like guitar play; where delicate harmonies can clash with frank ruminations on love, losing yourself, then finding yourself again, bewildered, facing the end of the world with only half-a-bottle of Jack Daniels and half-a-clue of how you got there.

Want of Peace’s Earthling+ manages to make the familiar feel fresh, guiding the listener to heights unknown with a steady hand before letting go; an album that observes a moment of calm in the inevitable crash-landing.