Artist info


Indie, Metal, Pop, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Trex, Nirvana, leadbelly

band members

Damian Sawyers - guitar, vocals, Mert Balkanli drums


Pop, Metal, folk


'I'll come right out and say it: The Warm Feelings are the realest band in Sydney, possibly Australia. Hanging out with the two of them is such a real experience it's a complete trip. Drummer / producer Mert Balkanli is from Turkey by way of a New York prison, where he spent six weeks without charge for promoting an ethnic music event in the days following 9/11. Guitarist Damian Sawyers is from the south - western suburbs of Sydney, where he grew up smoking dope, playing bass and spreading fear into the hearts of other kids in his neighborhood.
An unlikely duo from other sides of the world, they have an almost brotherly bond, which involves having the occasional spat that spills over into fisticuffs.
Their collective spirit intensifies tenfold when they crawl inside their rathole of a home studio and start guttural brand of scungy rawk, it's raw and emotional, like their relationship.
Oh the stories these two can tell you... They've been locked up, tripped out, and locked up for tripping out. They don't take shit from nobody, their belief systems are in stark contrast to society's normal programming, and their weed is from another galaxy.
So unhook your brain from the Matrix, step over the threshold of normality into another dimension, feel these 'Feelings."
Unbelievably Bag Magazine #issue 11