Artist info


Indie, Electronic

Sounds like

Greg Patillo, Ian AndersonvsHermitude, Ron Burgundy

band members

Warren Howden - flute, pedals, vocals, guitar, keys


Flume, The Herd, John Butler Trio

Unearthed artists we like

Susy Blue , The LightRail , The Allganiks


A classically trained flautist, somewhere between playing pub rock in Shanghai and afrobeat reggae in St Kilda, Warren decided to build his own grooves. Combining writing techniques learnt from master composers Julian Yu, Elliot Gyger and Stuart Greenbaum with the live energy of hip hop beats, fluteboxing is contemporary style with classical skill. Warren uses the Boss RC30 loop pedal and the Headrush E2 delay. Traditionally guitar effects, these allow flute beats and melody to be layered progressively, creating complex textures, rhythms and harmonies.