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A combination of the weird and wonderful

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Doug- Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Slide Guitar Steve- Guitars, Backing Vocals Andrew- Bass, Backing Vocals Bat Wayne- Drums


Whisk(e)y, Music, Surfing


The watchers are a 4 piece hard rock band from North Brisbane. Blending influences from all genres, and years. Fusing spanky lead lines, with crunchy rhythms, and some yelling thrown in for good measure. Brining you songs about surfing, whiskey, and music, and the story of Cosmic Jay, a cosmic time traveler sent to save the world from itself.
Our single “Surrendering” is available on Spotify now, here’s what the experts say about the track.

A massive new single, ‘Surrendering’ arrives as a refreshing, hard-hitting, and brilliantly emotional rock anthem that perfectly captures The Watchers’ sound. A tour de force of deft composition and distinct, emotive vocals, ‘Surrendering’ is a song that is defiantly nostalgic, casting more than just a subtle glance back into the peak era of Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Sound Garden. It’s a song of passionate sounds that are thrown together into a gritty, but wonderfully organic mix, giving not only weight to the song, but also a sense of joy and levity that a lot of post-rock grunge strayed far from. 9/10 -Broken 8 Records.

From the first few moments I found myself into this, the musicianship and the leading vocal during those verses present a distinctly nostalgic (and authentically so) aura. The guitar work and the drums feel real and right there in the moment – something you miss occasionally in a world full of electronically sampled set-ups. In addition, the band’s leading vocalist seeks to passionately pour lyrics and melody into the song, in a partly slurred partly crisp rock and roll manner, seeming both gritty and carefree; inherently connected to the subject at hand, but naturally letting everything flow. It feels, early on, like the perfect song for this band to perform. - Stereo Stickman