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Dance, Electronic, Metal, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

FM-84, Power Glove, Peturbator, GUNSHIP!, Miami Nights 1984, Kavinsky

band members

Andrew Morrow


FM-84, The Midnight, The Protomen, Stan Bush, Journey


Andrew Morrow AKA 'Water And Bridges' (W&B) has been active in the Australian music scene since 2005. Like many, W&B started out in garage rock and punk bands during high school but quickly became fascinated with electronic music. This interest led to a string of mashups and remixes that made their way onto the early days of Soundcloud. These tracks amassed over 11,000 plays and were the catalyst and motivation needed to dive deeper into the creation of original music.

Joining with a group of longtime friends, Andrew was a founder member of 'Convex', a melodic metalcore / djent band that grew quickly, being featured on Triple J in April 2016. The band toured across the east coast of Australia, supporting such bands as Sleepmakeswaves and In Hearts Wake. After 4 years with 'Convex', Andrew decided to part ways with the band to focus more time and energy on his W&B project (which had been dormant for around 6 years).

Being a child of the 80's, the natural direction for W&B to go into was the sound of Andrew's youth. The soundtracks of such films as Transformers, The Breakfast Club, The Lost Boys and Tron had always churned up a sense of saudade, and it was this sense of nostalgia that inspired the first W&B EP, 'Neon Skyline', which was released in November 2017. This collection of low-fi, sample-filled synthwave tracks landed a listing in NewRetroWave's 'Top 10 Newcomers of 2017' which was released later that year.

While creating this EP, Andrew began to expand his sound and worked in tandem on an album-length release of this newer material. 'Tales From The City', W&B's debut album, released on December 27th 2017. Tracks from this release quickly began appearing on Spotify retrowave playlists and review sites across the web, garnering positive feedback for it's traditionally retro sound and themes.

Since this release, W&B has taken a year to write, produce and refine his sophomore record, 'Starbound', which is due to be released in late 2018. The first single from this record, 'Battlestations!', a synth-rock tribute to the masterworks of Journey and Stan Bush, has received airplay on Kiss FM, The Faction and Artefaktor radio, a feature of Neon Nights, and held the #1 ranking on the Triple J Unearthed metal charts for three consecutive weeks.

W&B will be playing several shows along the east coast of Australia in support of the release of 'Starbound' in 2018/19.