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Dance, Electronic, Metal, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

FM-84, Power Glove, Peturbator, GUNSHIP!, Kalax

band members

Andrew Morrow


FM-84, The Midnight, The Protomen, Stan Bush, Journey

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Andrew Morrow AKA 'Water And Bridges' (W&B) has been active in the Australian music scene since 2005. Taking inspiration from soundtracks of such films as Transformers, The Breakfast Club, The Lost Boys and Tron, W&B's music spans the gamut of Retrowave sub-genres.

W&B started his dive into the synth scene with the NewRetroWave ‘Top 10 newcomers of 2017’ EP ‘Neon Skyline’. Following this, W&B has released two albums ‘Tales From The City’ and ‘Starbound’, both of which spreading across the web through Spotify playlists and review sites.

Recent Singles ‘Battlestations!’, ‘The Outskirts (feat. drunk on a bike)’ and ‘Blue Eyes’ have all held #1 placings on Triple J Unearthed charts. W&B has recently released his third album ‘Miami Heart' in March 2021, which features both Australian and International guest artists including rising R'n'B star R I L E Y, synth powerhouse Gryff and acclaimed classical crossover singer Monica Oriel.