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Paces, Rico Tubbs, Wave Racer, L D R U, Dave Nada

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Arlo - Everything.


Tito Puente, The Specials, 10CC

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Kids At Midnight, Chela, Coda Conduct


It was the summer of 2016 and all of facebook was discussing Chris Gayle's failed pick up attempt on live TV; And as interesting as that was, the real story of the summer was Watermelon Boy. The moment when frustration with the 9 previous month of Melbourne winter, boiled over into a kind of excitement that would lead a small child to attempt to devour a whole watermelon (skin and all) in some kind of post Xmas, school holidays, dogs on the beach, sand in the jocks, red cordial fuelled frenzy. Summer would never be the same. If that kind of excitement could be distilled into a music style, the Collingwood producer of the same name has found it. Blending tones and styles from the now famous 'Australian Sound' with the Central American rhythms of Moombahton. Watermelon Boy's debut 3 tracks are a study in daytime dance parties. Tuned percussion, fuzzy saws and clever beats. "Aurora Capricornia" is the forth release from Watermelon Boy. A four track, light-speed journey from Sunrise to Sunset. Most comfortably described as Australian Sound meets Moombahton, "Aurora Carpricornia" is sophisticated electronica over infectious carnival grooves. Evolved to suit outdoor stages, Watermelon Boy's music evokes the feeling of sand between your toes at sunset.

“Watermelon Boy’s EP is so fun! Massive summer vibes all the way through." - Paces

“Awesome blend of moombah meets tropical, dope!” - Danny T

"Nice summer vibes!" - Benson

"Nice and fresh!!!!” - Tom Piper


Review by Nat Tencic Nat Tencic

19 Jan 2016

Triple J

What ever this juicy, mystical space land is, I want to go to there.

What ever this juicy, mystical space land is, I want to go to there.