Artist info


Rock, Pop

Sounds like

The Vines, Grinspoon, Jet

band members

Mitchell - lead guitar & vocals, Leon - rhythm guitar & vocals, Everett - bass guitar & vocals, Gabriel - drums


Muse, The Beatles, Led Zepplin


When these four 14 year olds get together to play music, something special happens. Check out some of their achievements since The Watts came together around the middle of 2005: October 2005 - two self-penned songs, "Friday" & "Walkin'", are nominated for the finals of the Lower Secondary category of the 2005 WAM (Western Australian Music Industry Association) Song Of The Year Competition. June 2006 - another self-penned song, “Recipe For Rock ‘n’ Roll”, wins the 2006 RockIT Junior Industry Award (part of the National Youth Week, 2006 National Talent Competitions). This is an Australia-wide competition open to 12-17 year olds & earned The Watts $5000 in prizes. One of the judges, Cam Baines from Bodyjar, described the song this way, “Great song, simple and hooky”. October 2006 - “Recipe For Rock ‘n’ Roll” & a new song, “Shadows Of A City”, are nominated for the finals of the Lower Secondary category of the 2006 WAM Song Of The Year Competition. This time, “Shadows of A City”, takes out first place. October 2006 - The Watts enter the City of Cockburn 2006 Battle of the Bands and…you guessed it, The Watts win! This last achievement emphasises something else about The Watts. Not only can these guys write award-winning songs but they also deliver in a live setting. This is how The Drum Media described The Watts’ appearance at the 2006 WAM Song Of The Year Ceremony, “The Watts … were the revelation of the evening”. And here’s how general manager of The Fly By Night, John Reid, describes his first contact with The Watts, “I was sitting in my office during soundcheck and I actually got up, walked outside and thought, ‘Wow, these kids’s are awesome. The guitars were bigger than them and they just rocked the place.” The Watts first public performance was an all-ages show in March, 2006, at Fremantle's Fly By Night Musicians' Club. This was a huge, sold out success (600 people) and The Watts rocked! Since then, The Watts have performed regularly including the 2008 Big Day Out, the Boab Festival in Derby, The Nannup Music Festival, more sold out appearances at The Fly By Night as well as supports for Gyroscope & The Stems. Currently The Watts are recording their debut CD. The Watts are, Mitchell, who sings and plays lead guitar, Leon on vocals and rhythm guitar, Everett on vocals and bass and Gabriel on drums.