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J Dilla, Madlib, RZA, Q Tip

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J Dilla, Madlib, RZA


After spending the first quarter of 2015 lulling hearts and starry eyes with the dreamy concoction that was Spread a Little Love, Sydney’s maestro of amour-drenched hip-hop vibes Waza is poised to release part deux of the Art and Technique Sessions.
Be With You is the next chapter in a body of work that realises the multi-faceted complication of love in a meticulous construction of sound with an unmistakably organic flow. Following on from the feel-good sonic slide of Spread a Little Love, Be With You turns a conceptual corner, taking the listener down a road that is fraught with passion and peril. The track is a deeper excavation of emotion and sound, Waza’s trademark mining of sounds from throwback records and movies comes together in a moody patchwork of morose groove reminiscent of J Dilla. Dense synth and sparse piano glide over sharply defined drum beats that spill over into a machine gun-esque rat-a-tat, a sonic reflection of the soaring highs and devastating lows of any relationship. Be With You is an ode to defiance in the face of hardship – a soundtrack to stick it out through the rough times to. The second cut of the Art and Technique sessions is a realisation of Waza’s innate diversity and natural ability as an innovator.
Waza is no rookie when it comes to dissecting human emotion and sound through the ages and weaving it together in his immaculate trademark beatmaking. Finding his roots in hip-hop and cinema from an early age, Waza occupies a unique niche in the scene. His music is more than a sonic experience, transcending the barriers of sound and achieving an emotional impact that is widescreen and cinematic. Drawing influence from a diverse, seemingly chaotic spectrum of influences, including the likes of Blaxploitation, film noir, J Dilla, DJ Shadow, and Flume, Waza has a keen ear for distilling sound seamlessly. His previous offerings are a testament to this. Spread a Little Love, Part I of the Art and Technique Sessions caused a stir on radio and the national blogosphere, continuing the legacy begun by his debut mixtape, 2014’s Love is a Battlefield. The list of brags was impressive, to say the least, earning love from the likes of hhhappy, triple j, Unearthed, FBi, ABC, and 2SER.
Vulnerable in its honesty and irresistible in its shimmery groove, Be With You shows Waza’s evolution as an engineer of sound.


Review of Act 2 by Waza Richard Ki...

23 May 2014

Triple J

Love the American Graffiti vibe of this one.

Love the American Graffiti vibe of this one.


Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby ...

17 Mar 2014

Triple J

Waza's clearly got a grasp on his production tools and must have a near infinite sample library to patch together this beat collage.

Waza's clearly got a grasp on his production tools and must have a near infinite sample library to patch together this beat collage.