Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

bloc party, death from above, Mars Volta

band members

Unknown/Beats Jacob/Bass Tim/Vocals and guitar


PVT, m.i.a, battles


They are coming at ya’ like an unhinged fridge door. It was once told that if the Emperor played music throughout the Death Star it would be these guys. A front man with enough charisma to jump-start a dead wombat, a man child bass player with arms the size of your thighs and a drum machine not even the band knows, what more could you ask for? Jonathan Boulet (producer of their latest release) described We Are Volcanoes as the genesis of ‘Zombie Pop’, they’re fast, hungry and with their catchy riffs they are going to be everywhere. The end is near. For more info head to our Facebook. For FREE download of entire EP visit our bandcamp.