Artist info


Rock, Indie

Sounds like

Muse, Love of Diagrams, Interpol

band members

Jo Faulkner - Vocals Vez Litten - Guitar Adam Faulkner - Drums Kev Webster - bass


The Cure, Kings of Leon, System of a Down


For an undisclosed amount of time, We Build Pyramids have been involved in deliberations about a band bio. Since they began playing seriously smokin' indy rock, with a hint of southern blues together in November 2010, this has weighed heavily on each of their minds. Guitarist Vez stopped shredding irresistibly catchy licks, and made an attempt to write "a bio that would make you go WTF OMG ROFLMAO" but was sadly distracted by something shiny after several words. Rest assured, she has now been put down for her afternoon nap. Kev put aside his soul shakingly groovy bass lines and wrote 12 pages. Unfortunately, while he wrote on many varied and interesting topics, the band was not one of them. Additionally, in attempting to follow the train of thought presented in this document, several people have become irretrievably unwell in the brain. Drummer Adam paused his work creating intense mind blowing beats, and took up the pen next. When his band mates checked on him twenty minutes later he was still tapping out a rhythm on the blank, drool covered page. It was wrong of them to assume he could read or write. Meanwhile, band nerd (and vocalist) Jo stopped pumping out silky sweet melodies, and turned her immense talent with the crafting of the English language towards the task. Her bio is now being published in several internationally recognized journals, but has bored most people who read it into a state of hibernation. She still has no friends. This explanation as to why no bio exists is all I can offer you at this stage. My apologies...