Artist info


Electronic, Hip Hop, Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Run The Jewels , Nine Inch Nails

band members

Paul Bartlett (drums, production, mixing, and recording) John Bartlett (keys, backing vocals, production) Luke Carlino (vocals, production) Kultar Ahluwalia (vocals, production)

Unearthed artists we like

FRANCO, Sasha March, Birdz, Elsy Wameyo


We Move Like Giants, features noted ARIA Award Winning producers/musicians SIXFOUR (A.B. Original, Hilltop Hoods, Caiti Baker) alongside Daydream Fever and Luke Carlino in a meeting of the minds. All emerging out of the Adelaide and Melbourne music scenes and enjoying numerous successes in their own individual lanes, this collaboration combines each individual's talents and broad musical tastes for something truly unique and unpredictable.