Artist info


Indie, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Punk band playing sad pop songs, Mineral, Moneen, Balance and Composure

band members

Paul-Guitar/Vocals, Andy-Guitar/Vocals, Remy-Bass/Vocals, James-Guitar, Ben-Drums


Fugazi, Brand New, Appleseed Cast, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana



“...their warm yet gloomy sonic mood, stunning guitar melodies and well-delivered lead vocals…sit between lush indie-rock, melodic post-rock sections and some very, very pretty mid-west emo moments.” Alex Seivers (Kill Your Stereo)

We Set Sail (est. Brisbane, 2008) are just another band like any other. They do not claim to defy trends or create a unique blend of this or that genre. They're just 5 people who sing about the tragedies and triumphs of everyday life as we get older. As of 2020, We Set Sail are celebrating 13 years of producing incredibly polished, wall-of-sound, alt-rock records spurred on by a devoted fan base across Australia and the world.

The band's last record, Feel Nothing, with which they achieved Triple J airplay and a decent run on community radio, has been described as “a seamless union of mood, meaning and music” and featured high in many Top 10 lists of 2016. Currently, the band are hard at work putting the final touches on their third full-length LP, Ritual and Ceremony.