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Pop, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

New Found Glory, The Starting Line, Hit The Lights

band members

AD - Vocals and Guitar Eamon - Guitar and Vocals Kurtis - Bass and Vocals Simon - Drums and Vocals


The Wonder Years, New Found Glory, The Weakerthans, The Mountain Goats, The Hold Steady, Fireworks



“Life and death are just words when our hearts are set on being victorious”.

- Dan “Soupy” Campbell, The Wonder Years

Loyal fans of pop-punk today may recognise these lyrics as one of the songs which dissolved among the track list to The Wonder Years debut album, and despite many avid listeners since moving onto more recent releases, it was these words which resonated with this four piece from Brisbane’s northern suburbs and brought them together as We Were Giants.

In an age which has embraced the pop-punk genre on varying levels, the quality which separates We Were Giants from their peers is their infectious hooks, light-hearted vibe and realist approach to both music and life. We Were Giants have a way of frosting life’s lessons with catchy melodies and an infectious charm which simply radiates so much positivity that even the hardcore kids find themselves with a smile. This charm can unquestionably be heard on their new single “Holden Was Right”, launching this year. The track explores the journey of self-discovery and the inner-conflict of being a good person, when such qualities growingly separate those from ‘fitting in’ with society.

We Were Giants are certainly taking on a more serious side to pop-punk, where you won’t find any lyrics about shopping malls or corporate branded underwear. Lyricist and front man Adriano Le Mura would have you tell your friends that We Were Giants brings the upbeat energy and driving hooks of New Found Glory’s music to the honest lyrics of The Wonder Years. The accuracy of this statement is strikingly on point with such lyrics as “I feel just like Holden, running away to New York. At least I’m not the first person to ever question the world” that will be stuck in your head for days. With songs that may feel instantly relatable, it is their song writing which sets We Were Giants apart. Drawing inspiration from classic literature and other genres of music, their catalogue reflects the overwhelmingly optimistic outlook and positive life-choices that the band instigates in all they do. Seeing the band perform live gives an insight into what fans can expect from their upcoming EP.

While their name may inflict the past-tense, it is the future which holds exciting times for We Were Giants. With less whining about girls and more songs about discovering yourself and your true friends, We Were Giants debut EP is set for release this summer. You’ll be challenged to listen to it without a smile.