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Electronic, Dance

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dirtyloud, Electrocado, skrillex

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my self.


Electrocado, skrillex, pendulum


BIO: After being a party goer for more than 8 years watching the scene change and grow, it was only natural for the music and creativity to flow. Since 2006 Weblet has been writing beats on and off, plug-in away in his studio (as well as collaborating with one of his best mates self existence) to come up with a unique in your face groove. After He got a few releases on local Aussie compilations (Regen & Morning Monsters) and tested new tracks at local parties, He really started to get a feel for the sound He wanted to get out there. So then he traveling the globe for a year with his lappy and a set of headphones in his backpack, Creating new sounds and idea's along the way, He Came up with a more down beat and playful 138 bpm style of psy/electro/prog hybrid gear. His sound Strive's on the use of sharp clean percussion's, rough, grindy but solid baselines And glitchy, random soundscapes to create a his unique funk’d up groove. He’s played alongside names like The mollusk, autonomech, jpod the beat chief, loopus in fabula, electrocado, Xatrix, cpu, scorb, Broken toy…. Just to name a few.