Artist info



Sounds like

Lamb, Massive Attack, Portishead

band members

Emily Juniper - Vocals, Peter O'Leary - Production BOOMS!!!!!


Opiou, Portishead, Propellorheads

Unearthed artists we like

Haarlo, Xandepic


On a calm wednesday afternoon anything can happen, Your life can change in an instant. Polyglock ( a French MC) heard a girl singing quietly in the corner. "You're a great singer, you should come meet my friend who's a producer at Tetris Studios." "Um ok i guess, just for a few minutes." Was her reply. Emily walked in to my studio, a little nervous and unsure wtf she was doing there. "Oh Pete, you should hear this girl sing, shes amazing!" "Have you ever been in a band ?" "no" "Have you ever sung on a recording?" "No." I pulled out some beats I had been working on. I asked her to give it a go. Emily positioned herself in front of the mic, and put the headphones over her fraying beanie. She hummed at first then sung a few words. I nearly melted in my chair. 48 hours later we had written and recorded our first EP