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Indie, Pop

band members

Laura Murdoch Rob Young


Broadcast, Mazzy Star, Phil Spector, Syd Barrett



The Wednesday Night (TWN), created by the Sydney-based song writing pairing of Laura Murdoch and Rob Young, could be described as ethereal and dreamy – the 1960s meets the 1990s. Their influences include Spectoresque girl groups, Syd Barrett, The Velvet Underground, Sterolab, Mazzy Star, Shoegaze, and Krautrock.

Staying true to the “music club” ethos, the live band features an ever-revolving line-up that has included (amongst others) fine players from bands such as Belles Will Ring, Melodie Nelson, Lost In The Woods, Roadhouses, Deep Sea Arcade, Lino, The Singing Skies, The Lovetones, Drop City, David McCormack & the Polaroids and RatCat.