Artist info


Indie, Pop, Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Gomez, Ryan Adams, Old School With the New

band members

Fraser Yuill Scott (Vocal,Guitar,Harmonica etc) Katie Richards -(Vocals, Guitar, Lager phone, Tambourine) Slick Mick (Drums) Juhl Aitkenson - (Guitar), Michelle Richards - (Vocals, Bass),


Neil Young, Queens Of The Stone Age, Jewel



Australia's The Wee Johnny's centres around irrepressible frontman Scottish Born Yuill Scott (vocals/guitars/Harmonica), and his songwriting partner Katie Richards (Vocals/guitar/Percussion). Along with they're five piece travelling band, they single-handedly all add they're own feel to the many different styles of music they continually write.

Though it's their pristine harmonies one notices on first listen, what made The Wee Johnny's more than just some pleasant acoustic duo of Magnetic Island was the constant questing of its songwriters, Yuill & KT.

The lyrically driven, Folk/Rock-pop-based outfit are a perfect example of the right band at the right time.

Listen to them and find out for yourself!