Artist info


Indie, Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Hole, Nirvana, WAAX, Silverchair, Veruca Salt

band members

Kristen Skinns, Brayden Skinns, Kaitlyn Hold, Brendan Statham


Courtney barnett, L7, Camp Cope, PJ Harvey , Pearl Jam

Unearthed artists we like

Pablum, The Buzzing Towers , Lunchtime



After bursting into the local Sunshine Coast/Brisbane music scene late 2019, Wetlands are finally gearing up to release their much-anticipated debut self-titled EP.

Hard hitting lead guitar riffs, unapologetic lyrics and a fiery live energy are the foundation of this group. Bringing the heat with a female fronted, alt-rock/grunge 90’s inspired sound influenced by Courtney Barnett, Camp Cope and Nirvana.
After spending years as underdogs in other projects; Kaitlyn Hold (vocals/rhythm guitar), Brayden (drums) & Kristen (bass) Skinns, lead shredder Brendan Statham, have teamed up to take it to the next level and show everyone exactly what they’re made of after all meeting through Solbars Open Mic nights.

The beginning of 2020 was off to a flying start, establishing a niche fan base and lining up a bunch of shows all across SEQ. The drama of the COVID-19 lockdowns wasn’t nearly enough to put the brakes on for the group as the downtime allowed them to finally head into the studio and begin recording.

Easing of restrictions saw the band dive headfirst into a string of shows and finally release their debut single ‘Convoluted’. Following up with their sophomore track ‘Oxytocin’, the releases gave us a glimpse into what to expect from Wetlands upcoming 6 track self-titled EP they’ve spent over a year creating.