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Sounds like

PJ Harvey, Regina Spektor, ani defranco

band members

Julia Watt- guitar & beat, Petria Eaves- Vocals


Fiona Apple, PJ Harvey, Ani Defranco


We’ve got Ovaries is a foundation devoted to the awareness and prevention of the female prolapse. Prolapse isn’t generally a household friendly word, but women and girls out there need to be more aware! Walking with your uterus hanging between your legs is near impossible and most certainly not attractive. SO ladies, please remember your pelvic floor muscle exercises if you don’t want to wear your insides on the outside. Female supergroup duo “We’ve got Ovaries” have been helping spread the word through song since early 2005. They’ve been targeting bars clubs around Melbourne thus far, but know their message needs to cover the globe. They say its tough job and a lot of women out there don’t want to hear the warnings and believe it could never happen to them. Prolapse is an issue that should concern everyone, it can be tough to stomach, but We’ve got Ovaries turn a serious issue into fabulous song. You’d be a fool to miss an ovaries show. Keep your ears open and your legs crossed with any luck we’ll see you at the next We’ve got ovaries gig with your uterus on the inside.