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Indie, Rock

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Troy Sheehan ~ Lead Vocals/Guitars/Keys, Madeline Booth ~ Bass/Backing Vocals, Francesco Galati-Grossi ~ Drums/Percussion, Jack Cross ~ Guitars/Backing Vocals.


Beach House, Last Dinosaurs, Death Cab For Cutie


TRIPLE J UNEARTHED HIGH 2013 FINALISTS! When We Were Small are a young four-piece indie/alternative group from Melbourne, Victoria. The band formed in 2010. Since then, they have played at various prestigious Melbourne venues such as The Grace Darling Hotel, Red Bennies, Gertrude's Brown Couch, the closing ceremony of the Kew festival, The IDGAFF, The Ding Dong Lounge and The Tote. The group are always excited to share their bouncy and swoony tunes with their growing fan-base.

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When We Were Small

Indie, Rock ( Last Dinosaurs, Death cab for cutie, Indie, ...)

Played on triple j
Melbourne, VIC

When We Were Small are a four-piece indie-rock/pop group from Hawthorn in Melbourne, trying to ...


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Played on Unearthed

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Reviewed by Kyran Wheatley Kyran Whea...

14 Aug 2013

Triple J

The voice. It�...

The voice. It's gives so much, but it's hiding something. It's fantastic. Tomatrax is right on the Cordrazine thing - feel free pick up where they left off. I miss this sound. Love it.

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Reviewed by Rosie Beaton Rosie Beaton

12 Aug 2013

Triple J

plenty of soul h...

plenty of soul here in both voice and musicianship. I like how you have mixed up the melody a little.

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Reviewed by Richard Kingsmill Richard Ki...

01 Aug 2013

Triple J

Love the voice; ...

Love the voice; love the space the band leaves for that voice; love the arrangement of the whole song.

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