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Dance, Electronic

band members

Lachlan - Synth/production/Vocals, Sally - Synth/Vocals/production, Dave - Drums!


small dark rooms, seasame street, disgruntled neighbours


The White Electric are an acclaimed three piece Electro Punk band currently residing in Melbourne, they are true pioneers in the current post cynical music world. With starting their illustrious career at “open mic” nights, they smashed the mould of: 1 guy 1 acoustic guitar; opting rather to take down a multitude of synths and homebrew beats; and of course a front-women with the spirit of Janis Joplin and the punk styling’s of Siouxsie Sioux. After cutting their teeth on the small stages, people were obviously blown away by their romantic approach and crowd-pleasing surprises, many gigs in the best live music venues and top nightclubs were to follow. While melting faces in the clubs, the band have been working hard in the studio producing their own blend of indie electro banging out groove after groove, the music speaks for itself and brings a punk ethos to the often cliché genre. After enlisting a live drummer for their live shows people cannot help but to move to the music. Piecing together musical influences as diverse as Hip Hop, Rock and Electro is no mean feat, The White Electric have been pertinaciously striving to make a sound all of their own. Forming at the end of 2008, The White Electric have been furiously writing and honing their tracks and live shows to bring an energy packed synth filled, drum ridden spectacle to stages around Australia and to record their debut EP in 2010! Besides music they dig Sesame Street, bega cheese stringers and spaggetti/nacho pizza.