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Sounds like

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Don Broco

band members

Bruno Lordao - lead vocals Wacey Coates - bass/backing vocals James McElligott - drums Jono Frowd - lead guitar Kurt Boldy - rhythm guitar


The Beach Boys, Rage Against The Machine, The Beatles, Cage The Elephant, Joe Bonamassa, Guns n Roses, I Am Giant, Karnivool


White Light Station consist of 5 Brisbane musicians who fought through 2 years of line-up changing, writing, rehearsing and recording before going public; that's how much they care about quality. Over that time, an original concoction of funk, rock and pop was moulded into something that is refreshing every crowd they play to.
With venues such as Tomcat, The Black Bear Lodge, The Flamin' Gallah and The Flying Cock rumbling for some of their music, momentum is building. Whispers of an EP are assembling with excitement due to the positive reaction surrounding debut single; Train of Thought.

Get out and see a show if you're in for an unexpectedly enjoyable display of music and entertainment. We love what we do.



Love this track!!! Would love to hear it on Triple j :)

Love this track!!! Would love to hear it on Triple j :)