Artist info


Rock, Punk

Sounds like

Dance Gavin Dance, The Fall Of Troy

band members

Phil - Vocals, Matt - Guitar, Maurice - Guitar, Ben - Bass, Callum - Drums


Oversaturation in any music scene leads to imitations of trends that fade away as soon as the next one appears. When you find a band that bucks the trend and brings their own unique flavor and style to their music, you know that you’ve found something special. Meeting in January of 2010, Maurice, Cal, Ben and Matt came together to experiment with their love of music, influenced by the post-hardcore/tech styling’s of Dance Gavin Dance, the elegance of The Fall Of Troy and the brutality of Lower Definition. Under the moniker of "Breathe, Creation", the boys produced a handful of demos with enough potential to catch the attention of established bands from around Australia. Not wanting to settle for average, the boys searched all over the country for the perfect lead singer that would compliment their style as well as the perfect fifth member of the group. After almost ten months, Phil made his mark, turning out to be just what the band was looking for. His dedication to the band is quite extraordinary; having to travel from where he is based in Adelaide to Melbourne for band practice for months until he moved over. 2011 saw the boys change their name to the more memorable "Who Invited The Wolf?", as well as a passion and a vision for their music that is set to make more than just a dent in the scene. Their infectious enthusiasm for music is not only exciting, but also a breath of fresh air. With quality bands like this in our own backyard we could potentially be seeing a new era for the booming local scene. With a debut EP on the horizon for early 2012, keep your eye out for Who Invited The Wolf? – one of the most exciting upcoming young bands Australia has to offer. Words by Deborah Konopnicki –