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Guitar (Lindsay Chapman) Bass (Lewis Reidy-Crofts) Drums (Sean Newell)



Who's This? are Melbourne’s pedal-stomping, psychedelic rock trio you already knew the name of. With their lyrics of social lobotomy, lunatic stage antics and deep transcending grooves, Who's This? revitalises the rock’n’roll mindset in a contemporary light.

Who’s This? is Lindsay Chapman (Vocals & Guitar), Lewis Reidy-Crofts (Bass) and Sean Newell (Drums). Forming in 2013 after musical studies together, the trio have focused their psychedelic good vibes with musical depth and finesse to channel their sound.

Who’s This? are now releasing their new single Cosmic Nihilistic: a psychedelic voyage of focused apathy which highlights the “happy delusional” comfort found in unbelief. Featuring layered vocal performances, driven rock grooves and improvised soundscapes, Who’s this? bring together musical styles to produce this kaleidoscopic track.

Who’s This? has been working with highly acclaimed producer Steve Scanlon (Pharrell Williams, Potbelleez, Peking Duk, Deep Purple) since 2014 producing their debut album Can You Believe It? and previous Entropy EP, which had their song Xanax shortlisted in the 2014 ASA song writing comp. Who’s This? music has been featured on local radio around Australia and charting on Triple J Unearthed.

Other exciting opportunities have been work-shopping new album material with legendary Australian artists such as Adalita Srsen (Magic Dirt) and Darren Middleton (Powderfinger) through Push Songs Mentoring Program.