Artist info


Roots, Pop

Sounds like

Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, Mountain goats

band members

Laid's Poulton-vocals& guitar, Ben Townsend-guitar


Dave Matthews, Beatles, Steve Vai



Ben and Laids' first meeting occured deep in the London underground tube system, when they arrived simultaneously to claim the prime busking position. Sundays were always best for busking, because you would have at least an hour's playing before the station master would come along and evict all buskers. A heated verbal exchange soon gave way to a musical sensibility and friendship which saw the two guitarists combine to play pub gigs around London and the surrounding hinterland. Returning to Australia in 2002 the band based itself first in Brisbane before settling in Adelaide in 2004. Widget have experimented with various adjustments to its line up, including strings a rythm section but play almost exclusively unplugged these days.The tracks "Area 51" and "Thankyou" were recorded quite literally a friend's house (thanks Em) and will re-appear on Widget's first studio release, a 6 track EP expected to be completed in June.