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Electronic, Hip Hop, Roots

Sounds like

The Mob, B-Town Warriors

band members

Young people in Wilcannia, NSW - Co-Directors/ Co-Writers Toby Finlayson - Producer/ Director/ Writer/ DOP/ Editor Jared Melrose - Co-Writer/ Mentor/ Facilitator Michael Graham - Co-Writer/ Mentor/ Facilitator Nicky Akehurst - Photographer/ Camera 2/ Mentor/ Design Ashleigh Butler - Production Assistant/ Mentor/ Design Carlo Santone - Music Producer/ Music Director Roy Weiland - Colour Grading/Motion Graphics Uncle Terry Doolan - Cultural Advisor/ Mentor Bilyara Bates, Brendan Adams, Walpra Thompson - Co-Writers David Nicholas @ Rhinoceros Music - Audio Engineering



Written, recorded and filmed over 5 days in September 2016 in the remote community of Wilcannia in Far Western NSW, 'Our Country, Our Way' is an outcome of a Desert Pea Media community project with a group of young Indigenous people enrolled at Wilcannia High School, and a group of community leaders from Wilcannia and Broken Hill.

The project came about through an ongoing partnership between Desert Pea Media and Warra Warra Legal Service.

Desert Pea Media projects involve a dialogue-based storytelling process that encouraged participants to analyze 'the real', 'the ideal' and 'the bridge'. In simple terms this means critically thinking about how to create positive change for individuals, for each other and for our communities.

The lyrics were co-written by DPM staff, community members including Brendan Adams from Wilcannia River Radio, Paakantji cultural advisor Walpra Thompson, Broken Hill-based musician and Warra Warra staff member Bilyara Bates and respected elder and old friend of DPM - Uncle Terry Doolan.

The song also features an intro from respected artist and cultural leader - Uncle Badger Bates, and a cameo from local elder Uncle Woddy Harris

Musical production from acclaimed musician and and songwriter Carlo Santone (Blue King Brown, Nattali Rize) who has worked with us on a number of projects in Bourke, Walgett and now Wilcannia.

The song is a celebration of culture, songline and connection to country. Wilcannia is indeed "the cultural heart of Western NSW", and it was an absolute honor to be invited on to Paakantji Country to work with the amazing community and vibrant young people of Wilcannia.

Full respect and big ups to Shopfront Theatre, Morganics and Wire MC for your work with the community (and many others) over the years, and for your support.

Special thanks to Eliza, Bilyara, Shannon, Lucy, Charlotte and Anne-Marie from Warra Warra Legal Service for the ongoing support and friendship - and to the Wilcannia community.