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Indie, Pop, Rock

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Matthew Scully - Vocals, John Sorrentino - Keys, Oklusion - Leads, Adi Durai - Bass, James Wingard - Drums



Wilderglow are an indie rock/ alt rock 5 piece consisting of Matthew Scully, John Sorrentino, Joshua Rasquinha, Adi Durai and James Wingard. The band released their debut EP "My Days" in early 2018, marking their first official show as the release party for the EP in May.

Their sound has been described as a "collection of dazzling indie rock reminiscent of a band with twice their experience, full with gleaming guitars, dreamy melodies and masterful production." - Trouble Juice

Since then, Wilderglow have played various support spots around Melbourne and are in the process of self recording and producing a second EP.

The band has more exciting news and new releases to announce over the coming months, so follow their socials to keep up to date!