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Punk, Rock

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Will Stoker - Vocals, Piano, Harmonica, Clarinet, Boot Ashley Doodkorte - Drums Gareth I Bevan - Guitar Dylan Szymkow - Guitar Anthony Jackson- Bass Guitar


"The song writing nuance that went into each of the songs was quite breathtaking really. They were the most inspiring easily on the night, and they were the most exciting on stage ... it was passionate all around the room for the fans, for the judges, even - I mean, we were standing at the back of the room just gaping going, 'this is the finest thing I've ever seen'." - James Clements, BEAT MAGAZINE “No lack of confidence when you put your name up front. No lack of confidence when you leap into the crowd. No lack of confidence in your band. It's been a long time since I've seen someone so young, so filled with the exuberance and the stuff. You know the stuff. It's the thing of rock dreams. Riveting presence. Great songs, and the band are so tight. They play their part brilliantly. He wants it. He's obsessed and he sells that obsession. He and the band have a thirst. Get on board.” - Neil Wedd , INDIE INITIATIVE Dear Reader, Bitsy's Bugle sounds as we stand at attention. Kadina will rise. The dwellers beneath the surface shall burst from beneath. An un-new unchained pathos that will obliterate the dream to once again cast bolts obliterating their constipated roof-tops. I will un-tie you. So stop looking at other people looking at yourself. The trench will not reign unless the workers unite and meet the deadline. Make haste! The newborn is brewing.....Can’t you see the flailing limbs reaching to the sky? Come now and re-lay the shattered shingles. The velvet tent is accommodation that sufficies no longer. Bitsy will not accept slothful craftsmanship and shall banish those who infect the nest. Join us at the next rally, where the announcement for those who will live and those who will die be cast across the plasticine ears and eyes of the plebs. Flick the dial and listen.