Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

the pixies, sonic youth, radiohead

band members

William Blaxland - vocals/guitar, Michael Clarke - guitar, Luke Elliot - bass, Billy Van Duuren - drums


Grizzly Bear, Frank Zappa, chad vangaalen



“A paraplegic poet spoke, I watched his words walk the notes, ‘so who needs legs to create”. Introspective, critical, amusing, William Blaxland has intensity, an undeniable dynamic. An exploration of the high highs and the low lows. Their first E.P, Art is Forgetting Style, is the observations of a band, first and foremost. The Pixies, Jeff Buckley, the attitude of the Sex Pistols, this might go some way to describing the sound of this Melbourne based quartet, although they confess influences both broad and varied. Energetic, confused, frustrated, this self-produced recording speaks irreverence and questions the authenticity and originality of the industry that William Blaxland love. This paradox creates a tension in their music that will have you analysing every lyric for a new interpretation of each and every song. “So if your la-di-da’s represent heartless art, well you’re fucken’ better dead to me”. -Willam Blaxland. TO HEAR OUR EP IN FULL OR BUY A COPY VISIT: