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Sounds like

audioslave, Crowded House, Blind Melon

band members

Hellbad - Vocals, Bruiser - Bass, Wolfdog - Guitar, Chips & Gravey - Guitar/Keyboards, Fishing - Drums.


the cure, Tourin' Breaks, Bass Jumpers


Willow have recently been described in Melbourne's media as having a live show that is “awe shattering” with “ serious credibility ”. The recent success of their Coast to Coast Tour , included a live recording by Triple J, and the release of their last E.P titled, The Master, The Game, The Gentleman, featured on national radio, selling out its first pressing in the first week of shows. Willow started the year by performing on the main stage at The Pyramid Rock Festival alongside some of Australia's most popular and respected acts, such as Grinspoon, The John Butler Trio and Xavier Rudd. They have just finished working at Metropolis Studios, and with Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz, at Deluxe Mastering producing a 3 song E.P. Over the years Willow have independently produced 3 film clips and 3 E.Ps gaining the respect of an ever increasing audience

Unearthed in 2013

NIDA Video Clips

24 Mar 2013




Congratulations to our 6 NIDA winners!

We've selected Ry, The Messengers, Bloods, Water Graves, Little Odessa and Willow to have a video clip filmed.