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Indie, Pop

Sounds like

Florence + The Machine, Pink, Fiona Apple, Lorde, Tori Amos

band members

Wilma - piano & vocals

Unearthed artists we like

Hussy Hicks, Hen, Ali Barter



“Exploring music for me is something beyond curiosity. I dive into it, love it and live it. Each and every song is a piece of my life, a picture of the past, the present or the future, and the shades through which I see my world.” – says Wilma La, a singer-songwriter and pianist from Northern Europe, that has spent 12 years in Dubai and has recently moved to Melbourne.

First few years were packed with performances at hotel lounges, piano bars and fine dining restaurants as a resident artist, singing retro, jazz and top 40 tunes. It led to lots of corporate functions and in later years Wilma has become the featured artist of a few brands, also successfully performing at private events, collaborating with various bands and dance acts.

In 2011, the artist has stepped into the recording studio with original music. “Fortune Frames Of Time” is her debut EP, launched 2nd of June, 2012, recorded at JFW Music & Sound (Dubai, UAE), featuring musicians from UK, Japan, Australia and Greece. “Developing an original sound was a priority. I wanted my personality and some of the most random music influences to be reflected in the songs. When you grow up playing church organ, drive your parents crazy listening to Nirvana as a teenager, and eventually toss everything aside to join a big band, creating a unified style of music after all could prove quite a challenge.” – says Wilma, satisfied with the end result. Single "Sin Fed Angel" released in late 2012 was experimental and daring, but stirred up a few waves internationally and opened a few doors.

Wilma got nominated in "Best Singer-Songwriter" and "Best Adult Contemporary" categories, and made it to the Top 5 in "Best Jazz Artist" category @Artists in Music Awards, Hollywood, 2013.

Halfway through making of the full length album "Overrated Soulmate Business" that was inspired by the transient life of a big city, Wilma has fallen in love with Australia and moved there without giving it much thought. After a long break whilst enjoying the Aussie lifestyle and soaking up the inspiration under the unpredictable skies of Melbourne, Wilma has come out of the studio with a new single called “Do We Dare” that granted her entry into National Selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2015, Lithuania as one of 12 contestants, however, the adventure ended after Heat 3.