Artist info


Rock, Metal

Sounds like

Queens Of The Stone Age, Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against The Machine

band members

Nick Dunstan-guitars,vocals, Guy Martin-lead guitar, Matty Taylor- Bass, Joel Schneidruk-Drums

Unearthed artists we like

Sydonia, The Nervous Pilots, BUSHIDO, Peeping Tom


With 10 years of heavy grooves under their belt, Melbourne four-piece WINTERUN are back with a new Album in 2013. Following on from the success of ‘Into the Underground’ (2008) and the ‘Shadow EP’ (2010), the new album is a Behemoth of riffs and groove-based heaviness. Tracked at the infamous Head Gap studios in Preston and mixed and mastered by Dav Byrne (Agonyhmn, Clagg) the self titled disc is due out December 2013. 2013-14 will see the band reboot their live presence, which has so far has seen them headline nationwide and support some of Australia’s finest rock bands including Rocket Science, The Butterfly Effect, The Angels, S.O.T.I.S, King Parrot, X, Mammal, Rollerball, Frankenbok, Fort and Dreadnaught. Full of new grooves, hooks and some seriously heavy rhythms ‘Winterun’ is due out December 2013. In support of the new album Winterun will be appearing at the Devil’s Kitchen music festival in Brisbane (January 18) before launching the new disc at Melbourne’s own rock institution Cherry Bar, on January 31. ‘Mountainous alternative riffage from antipodean groovesters. A superb, unstoppable juggernaut where the guitars are tar-thick and the grooves positively subterranean. KKKK’ – Kerrang! (UK) ’A scruffy roguish attitude, the Han Solo of stoner rock’ – STONERROCK.COM