Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

City & Colour, Bright Eyes

band members

Liam Oliver - Vocals/Guitar, Matt Tanner - Lead Guitar, Kris Hailes - Guitar/Percussion, Michael A-B - Bass


City & Colour, Smashing Pumpkins, Boy & Bear, The Cure



WiseOaks began their existence in Late August 2012 as a one off acoustic project to fulfil the requirements of a University Audio Recording assignment for current Oaks drummer; Kris Hailes (of Room at the Reservoir). Vocalist, Liam Oliver and Guitarist Matt Tanner (of Tired Lion) quickly realised there was potential here for something more and thus WiseOaks was formed. Mikey Anstee-Brook (Infamous Ya Ya’s Bartender) jumped on board in late May 2013 as resident Bassist, providing the delicious bass lines the band had been so desperately searching for.

As time has progressed WiseOaks have deviated from their once strict Acoustic Folk genre and entered into the realm of what could only be acknowledged as a unique blend of Intimate acoustic folk, catchy indie melodies bound together by an underlying ambient rock backbone.

Since beginning gigging in February 2013, WiseOaks have played in some of Perth’s most notable live music venues, including Yaya’s, Mojos, Metropolis Fremantle and Amplifier Bar to name a few, with plenty more gigs to come. The band has just finished recording their single so keep an eye out as they have plenty more to offer the Australian Music scene with their unique indie folk rock sound.