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Taime Marsh - Vocals & Guitar Bailey Graeber - Drums Bradley Hughes - Bass & Keyboards Jacob Richardson - Guitar



The Witching Hour is a band from NSW who write poetic songs that can stem from melodic haunting music to hard Blues based rock.
TWH were initially a band that got together on a weekend with Jacob Richardson on Guitar, Bailey Graeber on Drums, and Brad Hughes on Bass and Keyboards.
The line up was consolidated with a chance meeting with Wollongong vocalist Taime Marsh who started travelling up on weekends to Jam with the Band.
The Witching Hour were bought together solely from their love of hard blues based rock bands.
Taime comes from musical heritage with both his father who would tread the boards as a Bass player with local bands in the 80s and his Grandfather who also played in rock bands in the 70s and 80s.
Jacob and Bailey got an early start in the music business at just 16 years old when they embraced the opportunity to record in America.
Both Bailey and Jacob toured together in other bands which geared them up to pilot their own band doing the style of music they love riff based blues rock.
Bradley was indoctrinated at an early age by his British expat dad whose passion was to collect music memorabilia on Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Who, and The Rolling Stones.