Artist info


Rock, Punk

Sounds like

QOTSA, Fu Manchu, Kyuss

band members

Adam Sciullo - Drums, Brandon Wilks - Vocals, Glenn Salter - Bass, Richard Fowler - Guitar, Rusty - Guitar


Kyuss, Orange Goblin, QOTSA


Wizard Sleeve's fermentation began in 2009, with the guitar attack of Richie Fowler and Rusty. Vocals were soon found in the form of Brandon Wilks and Glenny Salter joined soon after on bass. In June of 2012 Wizard Sleeve acquired the services of Adam Sciullo (of Fourstroke and M-16's fame) on skins. After spending a year of writing, jamming and partying in studios and garages, Wizard Sleeve hit the live scene in December 2010. Quickly gaining a reputation for raucous live shows and a loyal fan base, Wizard Sleeve have been described by Drum Media as a "hard rocking... wall of sound". For the past six months Wizard Sleeve have been playing at venues such as The Rosemount Hotel, The Rocket Room, Mojos and Amplifier Bar, with bands including Chainsaw Hookers, The Devil Rides Out, The Volcanics, The Chevelles and The Shallows. Wizard Sleeve have recently recorded an EP with Aidan from Sovereign Studios (11th He Reaches London, Miles Away), which will be released in late 2012 as a 7 inch single.