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Pop, Rock

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Kale Edwards - vox, beatmeister, FX: Chantelle McNaughton - vox, guitar, bass


Madonna, Silverchair


Whatever you're doing right now, stop. Close your eyes for a moment. Envision a two-piece act that successfully blends grunge, electronica and pop, with a splash of Steel City rock. Imagine that Pink Floyd and Muse are having an unprotected orgy and everyone is invited. Now open your eyes. Congratulations, you have achieved the epitome of eclecticism. Such is the title of the striking debut album by Newcastle band Wohteba. "Eclectic..." - Roger Sommers (International Producer) "In a word - Brave. Very different to whats currently available...not many bands are brave, so you've already got the upper hand." - Tristan (3AW Melbourne) "An original, fresh sound with creative musical direction" - Kathryn Holloway (ABC Newcastle) Kale Edwards and Chantelle McNaughton were destined to meet and make eclectic music together. Their friendship unfolded when they met in a Music Business course at TAFE, and they soon realized that they shared the same creative dreams. Kale and Chantelle then embarked on an intense, inspiring musical journey, from which Wohteba was born. Wohteba are so unique in their sound that they could very well spawn a new genre. Their influences are exceptionally diverse, ranging from Michael Jackson & Madonna through to Silverchair & Evanescence. Their music is unpredictable, exciting and a great breath of fresh air. The two-piece have already gained a strong internet following, and they are sure to repeat their success with the release of their debut album, The Epitome of Eclecticism.