Artist info


Dance, Electronic, Pop

Sounds like

Digitalism, Daft Punk

band members

Glen Ratten and Alistair Wallace


Digitalism, Daft Punk, Radiohead



Wolf Arrow is an electro duo based in Melbourne and Halifax , and was founded in 2013 by Glen Ratten and Alistair Wallace. Glen (an Aussie) and Alistair (a Scot) met on a public ice rink in Halifax in 2012. This unlikely encounter quickly developed into a close friendship. Their combined interest in electronic music was recognised early on in their friendship and the decision to start writing music together followed shortly after.
Glen’s love for bands like Radiohead, Daft Punk and Digitalism combined with Alistair’s passion for Techno, House and Bass Music creates a refreshing dynamic in their songs. Their varied musical influences along with their different origins reflect strongly in their music, creating a compelling and unique sound.