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Indie, Rock

band members

Lucas Preddey (Vocals, piano, guitar, harmonica), Tim Mahony (Cello, guitar, backing vocals, melodeon), Scott Cary (Drums, percussion, melodica, guitar), Johnny Graffham (pedal steel and electric guitar), Cameron Jones (Bass)


Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, Tom Waits


Piano, cello, pedal steel guitar, bass and drums collide in an epic storm of folk-shanties, grimy rock dirges and bittersweet dark country tales. In a tiny apartment in the north of Tokyo, sweltering in the brutal humidity of a Japanese summer, a feverish man tossed aside his ineffective medication, sat down at a small piano, and started to write some songs. On his return to Sydney in 2008, the songs reached the ears of four other musicians who were drawn to the depth, originality and raw emotion of the music. The Wonderful Lives were born. This exciting new collaboration sparked a creative surge for the members of the band, and the songs quickly began to take shape and multiply. They worked tirelessly in assembling a range of unique compositions, varying in style, emotion and intensity and set out to share their work with audiences that craved music possessing the very same traits that drew the musicians together in the first place. The band have just released their first full-length album titled “The Human Heart Will Take Your Life”. Recorded over the winter of 2011 the album perfectly captures their alternative folk rock sound and unique instrument combination. From the grimy dirge of 'The Dirty Bride' to the bittersweet 'Way Out To Sea', the harrowing 'Mary Lou' and the demented carousel ride that is 'They Were Waiting For Me' this collection of songs constantly rises and falls, taking the listener on a ride from love to hate, life to death and heaven to hell. Inspired by such visionaries as Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and PJ Harvey, these songs possess an insight into the human condition, revealing our failings and flaws, our ability to love and at the same time, destroy. With a tendency to be dark in nature and delivery, the music of The Wonderful Lives has been described as 'cathartic', rewarding listeners with gentle, tender moments and a sense of relief with the calm that follows the storm. The Wonderful Lives have performed their blistering brand of alternative folk across metropolitan Sydney and regional areas, taking in iconic live music venues such as The Gaelic Club in Surry Hills, the Annandale Hotel, the Sandringham Hotel in Newtown and the Gearin Hotel in Katoomba. Songs from the band’s catalogue have been selected for rotation on the playlists of Sydney’s FBi radio (94.5FM), 2SER's 'Sideways through Sound' show (107.3FM), Blu FM (89.1 FM) and have also featured in Triple J’s Unearthed showcase. Sit back, grab a drink, and listen with someone you love. Or hate.