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Indie, Rock, Roots

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the flood, the band, Australian Crawl

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New Line up -Darren Swannack Double Bass : Mandolin Dave Gollan Guitarist: Kev Ballard


Hendrix, Aussie rock, wankers

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hydrafonics, Outside Diners


The Workshop have just released their second CD ”Drive This Car”. From the first listen these guys show their broad musical talent. “Drive This Car” features Michael Brown and Phill Ridley on drums, both of these players create a driving rhythm section when accompanied by Dave Gollan’s strong bass playing. Kevin Ballard’s guitar work has taken on a strength that is shown at all their live shows and has truly been captured on “Drive This Car”. Stephen Benjamin’s vocals and keyboard round out the sound that has taken The Workshop to a position of one of the most acclaimed bands on the North Coast. Take the opportunity to catch these guys and feel the raw energy their live performances create. From Dave’s truly unique bass playing style, to Kevin’s blues soaked rock guitar wails. Steve’s passionate vocals glide over the top of this musical treat to create a lasting impression. This band delivers heartfelt melodies complemented by Phil’s jazz tinged solid back beat. Be ready to be impressed! A song from their 2006 EP “All Things Change” was chosen to feature on the Foghorn Records Sounds Like Café release, a CD distributed Australia wide to Café Chains. A second song “Wanted and Needed” from this latest release also featured on the December 2007 Sounds Like Café release. Their inspirational compositions have also provided backing to “Martin Dunn’s Surfing” DVD’s. Highlights of their live performances have been supporting Jenny Morris, playing the Wingham Akoostik Festival (alongwith Kevin Bennett (The Flood) and Arabesk), and performing at the Bulahdelah Music Festival and Fredrickton Blues Fest. For further information visit : Website